This is crazy!…..What could I possibly have to say? 

My dog is just sitting here,…looking at me,…intently.  I know she’s thinking about food.  The furnace has kicked on for the second time this season.  It’s now too hot.  September has crept into October and it’s practically dark when I get home.  The rain tonight is hitting the window in the kind of way that makes you wonder if it’s raining or sleeting.  Of course it’s too warm outside,… and to far south for the ice nonsense; they’re just big drops.  The gutters are full of  leaves,… I really need to get up there,… maybe I’ll just wait till the trees turn. 

Ineluctable modality of the audible.  The continued patter, pat, pat, tic, tap, pat of the rain on the window; the clip of the keyboard as these words appear; a mournful breath as the dog gives up her vigilance and reclines on the floor.  Soon, Leticia will return from work and sounds of her unwinding will fill the house; the teapot, the keys on the table, laces being undone and shoes flopping never so gently into the corner. 

1059d64e-f7e5-4841-8f61-bc5e9d60557bTo me, these are quiet sounds of blessings.  The quiet peace of life given by God.  I like to think of the rain as God’s common grace.  Not only that it falls on the unjust and the just, but if we could only see each Godly blessing from above,… wouldn’t it seem as rain?  At times like this the words of Paul ring very true: “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.  But if we have food and clothing , with these we will be content.”

I drive to work every morning and I turn a wrench for a living.  My wife is truly my better half and we are both trying to live out our lives in the faith and hope that is Christ Jesus.  We like to plant gardens and build things, and God miraculously sees us in his Son as just.  So,…why this blog?  My wife and I also like nothing better than the ‘closeness of family’ we experience with fellow believers; something a friend of mine called a most natural thing.   Therefore, this blog , I hope, will be used to strengthen the bonds of Christian fellowship.   I believe that all Christians have a Holy obligation to each other.   An obligation that says we will all play a part in the growth of  each other’s faith.  Therefore, my belief is that this blog, as used by the Holy Spirit, will be a tool to bring to greater light the things of the Gospel, all for the edification and eventual maturation of believers in Christ.

Of course, I dare say, I think I will likely be the greatest benefactor.  To meditate and think on the things of God, and to create posts about my readings will ultimately work to my own edification.  Anything used to help internalize the truths of scripture is a good thing. 

Update: May 2010

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by in the last eight months or so.  I’m glad you’ve tuned in.  When this started I didn’t know quite what to expect.  But with over 80 posts and about 1200 page views, I am quite pleased.  By some standards I suppose we’re very small as far as the extent to which this blog reaches.  Does that matter?  Not from God’s perspective.  In His perfect timing all things have a reason and a flow.  I may want certain things to happen, but one of the object lessons in life is to learn to put aside one’s own wants and desires for the greater Will and Plan of God.  The only thing I’m sure about is that I want to continue posting on this blog.  In fact I still feel as if this project is only just beginning.  So thank-you for your support and I thank God for the grace to keep this thing going.  My prayer is that He will continue to find cause to use this for our mutual edification.   

 A Note About Doctrine…

This is an important topic and one that I hope will lead to ‘premier’ discussion as we move forward on this blogsite.  My wife and I are in agreement with regards to our belief structure.  Simply, we stand in the reformed tradition because we believe it’s faithful to God’s revealed Word and the fairest representation of the historic Christian faith.  We embrace the Five Solas of the Reformation and are closely aligned with the doctrinal formulations of the Westminster Confession of Faith and The Canons of the Synod of Dort.  Yes, that means Calvinism….

…we’ll talk more, soon…


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