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June 8, 2010

Christian Life, General

I dropped my blackberry in the toilet:(  Why, you may ask, where you fooling with your blackberry near a porcelain vase?  -Sigh-  I don’t know.  Well, the electric went out, I was trying to light a candle in every room, I tripped over the dog in the hallway, my hand reached for the bathroom doorknob, which wasn’t there, which meant I hit the floor, which meant in the meantime the overriding sense of self-preservation caused me to forget about carrying my blackberry.  I could see it.  Twas like sloooww mooootion.  A beautiful arching, glowing flight….splashdown!  Ahh Houston, this is Apollo 13, glug, glug, glug.  Blackberries don’t float; at least the ones with qwerty keyboards don’t.  Someone should do something about that.  Waterproof, toilet proof, do-do proof electronics.  That would be patent worthy.

The bluish shrine is the urban idol of the twenty-first century.  The illuminating monitor, whether it be hand-held, lap-held or desk anchored (or dash-mounted, wall-mounted, or gas-pump mounted) is the new portal to no-where.  I mean, check it out.   Turn your ipad over.  There’s nothing on the back.  You can’t see through it.  Years ago, at least a kid could imagine that there were little tv people in the box behind the window.  Now there’s not even that!

It really isn’t even urban anymore.  There are cell phone towers in remote parts of Kenya.  There are people in Nairobi with eminem ringtones.

Admittedly, I’m one of the first generation to be illuminated for more than 25% of my waking hours.  Well,…I just pulled that estimate out of the air but it’s got to be in the neighborhood.  Of course, however, I’m considering an entire lifetime.  Atari didn’t come out until part-way through my youth; I wasn’t born post internet craze.  When I was growing up we still went outside to play.  We also complained about being bored a lot.  Enough pessimism

…Well, it wasn’t the dogs fault, she was just trying to shadow me during the storm.  But the whole episode did, obviously, get me thinking.  After I get around to putting a thicker rug on the bathroom floor, maybe I need to unplug for awhile.  There is a real, tangible world out there that God created for us.  Of course we messed it up, but there still are some wonderful things.  You know, the Church, friends, people to walk with.  I’m sure I could come up with 1000 awesome things, but somebody has done that already.  My wife and I have our garden started and there’s nothing more soothing than watching God’s creations grow. 

I’m sorry this post doesn’t have much substance to it.  And please don’t interpret this as a rant.  Sure we have a lot more in the world bombarding us than ever before.  But, at best, that’s just an excuse.  Closeness to people and to Christ is something that can be readily experienced if we want it bad enough (and for those who honestly struggle, it’s for us to help bridge the Gap).  I think we just need to be aware of where things like our hearts, our attention, and our desires are focused.  There is a Person greater than us and man does have a purpose.  Question number 1: What is the chief end of man?   Answer: Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.  Not so bad a deal is it?

So, forget about this blog.  Go outside and play; or grow something or talk to your neighbor.  Try to find 1000 things that point to Christ!

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