March 23, 2010



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  • Loose change,
  • Change of clothes,
  • Change for change sake,
  • Changing lanes,
  • Pocket change,
  • Sex change,
  • Making change.

Political change.  What kind of change did he campaign on?  I don’t suppose anyone here has a dime to spare.  I may need help paying my taxes tomorrow.  Wasn’t it Wimpy who said “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a healthcare plan today.”  Well, that’s what we just got, the great cheeseburger.  I don’t even think a cartoon character could come up with a trillion dollar coin, though.  But what do I know?  At the rate our currency is being devalued a trillion dollars probably won’t seem like much in another decade.  What comes after trillion?

I’m breaking one of my rules for this blog.  The self-imposed rule that I would let other blogs handle the political blather.  Tonight, though, I can’t help but feel as though we’ve crossed a line somehow.  That we’ve changed.

The passing of a national health care bill has intoned within me a deep sense of sadness and betrayal.  Et tu Brute?  What was once our national pride and right has now become our greatest sham.  Freedom to disagree.  There is no disagreement across the aisles, only circus tents, trapeze artists and clowns.  Bellowing has replaced intelligent debate.  And no one can suffer their pride to admit an error.  There will be no coming together anytime soon.  No bi-partisan efforts.  That which has already been polarized has now been polarized some more.  Our leaders lead only themselves and Washington no longer reflects the honor of it’s namesake.

The last twenty years has seen our collective leadership reduce our nation to that of world laughing stock.  Everyone on far off shores can see what is going on, but blindness overtakes our own.   Reagan bled the Soviets into submission, but ironically, it seems as though our enemies today have learned from history.  Is it truly a healthcare initiative or is it another arrow to the heart of our national integrity?  Are we being led by compassionate leaders or foreign born demi-politicians wearing two-faced drama masks?  While our political leaders of past generations were able to keep their dignity, today it seems as though most are willing to live a life without shame.

Harsh words?  Perhaps.  Accurate?  Depends on your perspective.  What I believe with all my being, though, is that we are in a period of great upheaval.  First, the church is being shaken from its dreamy, father knows best, pray little and take peace for granted existence.  The tenants of the church will be tested and fire will consume many of those who say they profess.  God will continue to draw those he loves but it will be the trials that will strengthen faith.  Second, the world will be devoured by it’s lust and defecated upon the coals of self indulgence.  Christ will return,…there will be a day,…all will see his glory from one side of the pit or the other.

Cataclysmic?  I’m not saying that.  What I am saying is that its terrifying to camp along the basin for all the howls of greed and entitlement.  Let them continue their derision, let them destroy my body (maybe national healthcare will?), I will continue to trust is Christ.  He alone will uphold me with the right hand of His Righteousness.

[Note: The above photo; Madam President signs the healthcare bill into law while all the minions look on…]

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