Amended Reading Plan

March 9, 2010


The reading plan is going into “free and easy” mode!!  While my interests in eschatology remain, I’m finding greater interest, at the moment, searching through some of the puritan works that I have.  And, since I’m rabbit trailing away from the original plan, I decided to exercise my free will and change it.  That’s right, I’ve had a constitutional convention within myself, and have decided to just post my current reading.  So, when you click on the page tab for “Study Plan”, you’ll find my Bible reading goals and the current book.  Its much easier this way, because, frankly, I’m not sure which book will be next.  While I’m going to read all the works on eschatology I originally set to, I just don’t know when or in what order.

I’m still a believer that threaded discussions around a theme are a useful tool to aid in understanding some of the things that God has put out there for us.  But until a community that desires to participate through this medium comes together, this blog will continue to just function as somewhat of a journal for me; yet, hopefully edifying for others.  There have been hundreds of page views in the short time this blog has been around.  So I know you all are out there and considering the Words of Christ.  I would encourage you to jump in with your thoughts; let the whole planet know what you’re thinking.  Whether its about the book; if you’re like minded.  Or about any of the posts.  I’m, soon, going to try to start finishing the posts with a question meant to start a discussion.  Let’s see where this all goes.  Feel free to look around or step up and speak your mind,…the choice is yours. 

In the near term, this blog still has to build momentum.  Honestly, not too many people know about it yet.  I’ve only promoted this to friends and family.  My personality is not one to self promote.  Lately, though, search engines have been sending people here.  Some of the earlier posts are still seeing interest.  We can argue and have robust discussions concerning the relevance of the cyber community and the edification of believers in Christ.  In no way do I view any electronic medium capable of taking the place of preaching and church fellowship.  But I do see internet technology as a tool for the furtherance of the Gospel.  The Gutenberg Press, in its day, was a new technology and we’ve seen how that has impacted the Church’s ability to share the many faceted things of Christ.  We, as a community, can impact others by what we do here.   I’ll do some soft promotion to increase awareness about what is (or isn’t) going on.  The Holy Spirit may or may not use this blog.  And if He chooses not to use it, then I’ll go do something else and only ask (as I do now) that the Spirit guide me.  All in the name of Christ.  Sola Deo Gloria.

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