Scripture Beauty….

February 22, 2010

Bible Study, Christian Life

[3] The Scripture appears to be the Word of God, by the subject MATTER contained in it.   

As the matter of Scripture is so full of goodness, justice and sanctity, that it could be breathed from none but God; so the holiness of it shows it to be of God.  Scripture is compared to silver refined seven times. The Book of God has no errata in it; it is a beam of the Sun of Righteousness, a crystal stream flowing from the fountain of life.  
All laws and edicts of men have had their corruptions—but the Word of God has not the least tincture—it is of Meridian Splendor.
Psalm cxix:940, “Your word is very pure,” – like wine which comes from the grape, which is not mixed nor adulterated. It is so pure that it purifies everything else.  John xvii:17, “Sanctify them through your truth.” The Scripture presses holiness—as no other book ever did. It bids us live “soberly, righteously, and godly;” Soberly, in acts of temperance; righteously, in acts of justice; godly, in acts of piety and devotion. It commends to us, whatever is “just, lovely, and of good report.” This sword of the Spirit cuts down vice! Eph vi:67.
Out of this tower of Scripture,
is thrown a millstone
upon the head of sin!
The Scripture is the royal law which commands not only the actions—but affections; it binds the heart to good behavior. Where is there such holiness to be found—as is dug out of this sacred mine? Who could be the author of such a book but God himself?   
The mystery of Scripture is so abstruse and profound that no man or angel could have known it, had it not been divinely revealed.
That eternityshould be born; that he who thunders in the heavens—should cry in the cradle; that he who rules the stars—should suck the breasts; that the Prince of Life—should die; that the Lord of Glory—should be put to shame; that sin should be punished to the full—yet pardoned to the full; who could ever have conceived of such a mystery, had not the Scripture revealed it to us?
Just so, for the doctrine of the resurrection; that the same body which is crumbled into a thousand pieces, should rise the same individual body, else it were a creation, not a resurrection. How could such a sacred riddle, above all human disquisition, be known, had not the Scripture made a discovery of it?      
Thank you Thomas Watson, From his “A Body of Divinity” 
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