Going Home…

February 15, 2010

Christian Life, Gospel

Very recently, we’ve lost one of Leticia’s cousin’s.  Ron, a retired Baptist Pastor, left for Glory and is now seeing things with a whole new perspective.  For all involved, passing from our earthly life is the most painful thing that we have to experience.  But as Christians, full of the hope (assurance) of the resurrection, it is bitter-sweet time, marking as I like to think, our second conversion; from our mortal to eternal state.  The bitter pill of the knowledge of our loved ones sorrow would be easier to swallow if we could all go together, but ultimately the sovereignty of God directs us to fulfill his will in other ways yet in this world.  In this life, as you’ll see below, we are marked as witnesses for those who have yet to see Christ.  It is for those who are left that we are to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to offer up the sweet incense of worship and praise for our infinitely merciful, loving and sovereign God.  Below is the email that Thais, Ron’s wife, sent to many family members; a letter filled with sadness and joy.  I share this with you hoping that it encourages you as much as it did Leticia and me.

Dear [Family],

Ron went home yesterday, Sunday, at 12:15AM. How fitting that he should go home to the eternal worship on the Lord’s Day. He had recurrent E.Coli bladder infections since last April and as time went by his immune system became increasinly weaker. He had 3 serious infections requiring hospitalization since December 20th. The last one was on Jan 21st when he spent 8 days in ICU and 6 in DOU coming home under the hospice program last Wed. God has surrounded us with His love even giving us Christian medical personnel. We had precious times of singing, praying and reading scriptures to him throughout it all, especially during the few days he was home.

On the night of Thurs-Fri, at 2:30 AM the caregiver woke me up saying he was not doing well, so I called the Nurse on call. When she came in I was singing hymns to Ron.. She did her examination then left. The next caregiver was a mexican Roman Catholic lady. We continued our routine of singing, praying and reading to him throughout the day. That night he had problems again around 3AM and the same nurse responded to the call. By the time the girls and my pastor arrived at 5AM, the nurse, who turned out to be a Christian, and I had been reading and singing to him and, from then, for about one and a half hours we had a wonderful spontaneous worship service. During it, I noticed the catholic caregiver crying. She turned and said to us that she had never seen a death where there was so much joy and hope. I read Ps. 115:15 and tried to explain the meaning of “Saints” and my pastor then elaborated a little more so she would understand. Throughout the day she kept saying how much she was touched in her heart by what she saw and I encouraged her to read her bible. She called me that night and twice the next day to say how blessed she still was by the experience.  And Sunday morning, from another job, she called again and asked if I would please teach her how to read her bible. That God would still use Ron even in his death to be His instrument was a great joy to me. I told her I would be delighted to teach her. He died one day prior to the 58th anniversary of his conversion, January 8. 1952.

We’ll be having a memorial service at our church, Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Redondo Beach next Saturday at 11AM.

In His Glorius name,


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