What Does it Mean to Think Theologically

January 3, 2010

Bible Study, Theology

Theology is shunned in some Christian circles.  Often associated with “dead” seminary thinking or some over-thought formula designed to confuse basic Christian truths, theology should not be a concept that intimidates us.  Taken from the Greek theologia (θεολογία) (from theos (θεός) meaning God and logos (λόγος) meaning word, discourse, or reasoning, theology is really just a term that means the study of God’s Word.  As Harry Reeder points out in the video, theology is really the encompassing of Christian thought as it pertains to God’s Truth, whether simple or complex.  The theological constructs we come up with,(biblical, systematic, covenantal, etc) are designed to organize what we understand to be over-arching truths within Scripture. 



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