Get to Know George Mueller

December 30, 2009

Bible Study, Christian Life

“At last I saw Christ as my Saviour.  I believed in Him and gave myself to Him.  The burden rolled from off me, and a great love for Christ filled my soul.  That was more than fifty years ago (at age 20).  I loved Jesus Christ then, but I loved Him more the year after, and more the year after that, and more every year since.

     -George Müller 

I was going to write about a few of my thoughts concerning bible study, perhaps I’ll address them tomorrow, but tonight I listened to a message about one of my heros of the faith and how important bible study was to him.  Folks, I’d encourage you to take a little time and listen to John Piper as he talks about George Mueller and his walk of faith.  If you know little of Mr. Mueller, or nothing at all, this message is part biographical in nature.  Thanks to “Desiring God” for making these messages available for our use.  – Dave Bignell

My dear Christian reader, will you not try this way? Will you not know for yourself . . . the preciousness and the happiness of this way of casting all your cares and burdens and necessities upon God? This way is as open to you as to me. . . . Every one is invited and commanded to trust in the Lord, to trust in Him with all his heart, and to cast his burden upon Him, and to call upon Him in the day of trouble. Will you not do this, my dear brethren in Christ? I long that you may do so. I desire that you may taste the sweetness of that state of heart, in which, while surrounded by difficulties and necessities, you can yet be at peace, because you know that the living God, your Father in heaven, cares for you. – George Mueller

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