Hiatus Schmatus

December 22, 2009

Christian Life

For those that, for whatever reason (I can’t imagine), follow this blog every now and again, I took a little hiatus just to clear my thoughts.  After all, it’s not a good thing to produce copy that’s banal or tedious.  My hope was that I would generate some ideas that could be developed in the coming year,….and I think to some degree I succeeded,…at least I hope I did.   I’ll pursue some things that interest me.  Whether anyone else will read this stuff without their eyelids drooping is a dodgy matter at best.

My very good friend, Carl Trueman (actually, I never met the guy), wrote a good article that really, well, says it all.  This whole blogging business can be a pratfall for the casual scribbling arriviste.  Carl’s wit, charm and scholarliness defy an astoot ability to clearly portray a blogger’s difficulty with the marmalade between their ears.  So, without delay, grab a banana, scratch the top of your head, and check out his article over at ref21:


It helps to read his column with a dictionary close by,…it adds a lot of color,…almost too much.  My first thought was that Carl had been sucking on his pomegranate a bit early.  But with more reflection, his was a message that, I think, both did and did not need stating.  Let’s get a couple things straight.  First, I agree with his self-assessment towards the end of the article.  Second, and I know this is hard to believe, his assessment applies to me, too.  Yes, it’s true.  Like you, I am a fallen, blackhearted, sinful man that is prone to grande self-aggrandisement.  Well, maybe not grande (I’m not that ambitious).  But, it is there.  And, I’ll tell you what else; I haven’t even reached the level of a parvenu.  My big hang-up would likely be a need for validation.  Yep, the big “V”.  Probably a step above false humility in deceitfulness.  It’s a trait that sucks the pith out of a project and places the glory on yours truly and not where it rightfully belongs.  I think where Trueman spoke of Lawrence you could easily insert the apostle Paul for means of an illustration.  Take what he says in Romans 7 and apply it across the board and we have great reasons to praise God for His grace and lonnnng suffering.

I know the things undertaken in this blog are, without a doubt, ephemeral.  And many of them, going forward, will be pitiful, lame and barely usable for the body of Christ.  But that said, I’m still going to trudge onward.  Hopefully, since this is a Christian blog and God will most certainly be the center of conversation, He will allow some bits of wheat to grow into the work.  I only ask that you forgive the chaff, the husks, and the chunks of dirt that will inevitably metaphorically work their way into what I type.  Please call me out, though, if I start to drop names or if I start to blog about my humility or begin to tell you how smart I am, or,…..fill in the blank.



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